Alan Christie

Alan has been involved in property development since the early 1990’s. During this time he has created many estates that hundreds of families now call home, ranging from small 12 home rural communities to developments of up to 75 homes throughout Scotland. Alan sold every property he ever developed, a strategy that he now sees as flawed. Specialising in the front end of the development process, Alan is the go to expert in site acquisitions and funding strategies for commercial and residential development in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Pauline Heron

Pauline Heron has combined her property business alongside her military career and a number of other entrepreneurial business ventures. As a military officer for 25 years she is used to building strong relationships and leading teams often through difficult situations. As a business and property psychologist she has provided training, coaching and mentoring to 1000’s of people, helping them develop strategies to grow and build their businesses; but also to develop the communication and mindset skills to succeed on whatever path they choose.

Her property journey began when she purchased a property at 17 and rented rooms out in her flat. In the 1990s she started to build her property portfolio which is now worth millions and spread across the East Midlands, London and Southern Ireland. As Co-Founder of Heron House in the past year she has expanded her own portfolio with a number of HMO’s and Serviced Apartments and brokered a number of deals between investors and developers. Her own development journey started when she and Aidan met with Garry and Alan.

Aidan Heron

Aidan Heron has been helping in the family property business since a very early age and with an entrepreneurial streak, he established his own business at the age of 12. It was a very natural progression for him to Found Heron House when he left university, instead of getting a traditional ‘job’. He has been instrumental in redesigning the family business and actively recruited a number of new business partners.

He is the tech head in this partnership and currently completing a PhD in Quantum Systems Engineering alongside his businesses.