This has to do with whether you own the property as a pair or whether you each own 50% of the house. So, if you are going to buy a building, property or investment with a partner, it’s something that you need to consider.
If you want to keep growing your portfolio and growing your income, then you have to go out and buy some more property and the best way to do that is with a partner. If you’re investing in a joint venture structure but not as a limited company, then there could be the issue of “do we own all of it?” For example, with Josh and I, if we buy a house together and I’m going to see the house, we can either buy together or buy separately.
So, we buy this house together and we own the whole thing together, so if Josh dies then I have a 100% of the house. But, the other alternative is that we can buy it as two individuals so we get half of the house each and then that means if Josh dies or I die the other person doesn’t get the other share of the house, it goes on to that person’s estate. I think this would have been a different before the changes to the tax laws.
It makes sense in a limited company if you’re doing it as a joint venture, just sell up the company for that person and give them that amount of shares, or 50% of the shares and you just keep everything nice and settled. Joint tenants, in my opinion, is the best option because even if you’re friends now, in the future something might happen and stuff can go wrong.
 So, just limit those down side, put like a line on the ground so if one of you dies and it goes on your estate it just keeps everything clean and that’s definitely the way to go. Just keep things clean.
Alternatively, investing in a limited company structure is certainly more tax efficient. I think that’s everything. I don’t even think I answered the question. Personal preference which ever you want. But for me keep the line on the ground. Keep it separate and it will just prevent any issues or arguments.