TARGETED Commercial Masterclass


Have you ever wondered how some people are able to grow their development businesses so fast?

THE ANSWER: Commercial Developments.

But more than that, by developing for BLUE CHIP clients.

But why?

They pay big!

Lease’s are for decades not months and they aren’t going to default on a payment. You’d NEVER get that with residential property.

That’s why serious property developers don’t want you to have access to this model.

They’ve been keeping it for themselves.

It’s too good!

Targeted Commercial is the ONLY way that you can forecast your PROFIT BEFORE even starting.

By having buyers agreed, before even owning the sites.

Just imagine how many developments you could do if you had buyers ready before starting!

Finally, now you can get the inside scoop.

This intensive two day workshop will take you throught the full TARGETED model which will enable you to accelorate your property journey.  Why put all your efforts into sourcing small residential deals when you can source high paying development projects and then either sell them onto developers who will pay hansomly for these deals or develop them yourselves.

This workshop will give you all the tools you need to both source, build the right teams and develop the projects yourself.

You will also get our full deal analyzer to enable you to quickly evaluate projects and then use it as a negotiatiation tool to ensure you get your land at the right price.

Following this workshop you will have all the tools and knowledge to move this strategy forward however if you wish to accelorate further or do joint ventures with us then please ask for further information about our Joint Venture or mentoring opportunites Which is by application only.