Sorry - Our Team is Busy Building Awesomeness

I’m proud (and sorry) to admit that unfortunately our team are all out and busy. But don’t worry, they are building something damn awesome.

Because here’s the thing, business is about getting stuff done.

Right now, a website isn’t the most important thing. Want to know why?

Articles are all on Medium -> Read Our Blog
Videos are on YouTube -> Watch Them Here
Upcoming Events on EventBrite -> See Upcoming Events

Don’t worry, you can still talk with us on social, that’s much more 21st century than a ‘website’ anyway.

Join our Property Developers Community -> FaceBook Community
Watch our latest content -> Follow Our Page
Get Some Inspiration -> Like us on Instagram

Right that’s your lot.

I’m done!

Gotta get back to building an awesome business with the rest of the team. Keep your eyes peeled on your favourite channel by following those links.

A lot of exciting things are going to happen this year.

Speak Soon,
Aidan Heron (Co-Founder